A magical Winter Wonderland in Westport

Santa Claus may coming to town but he found time to stop off in the wonderful Westport House to give children some rules about bedtime.

Visitors to Winter Wonderland are treated to an enchanting Christmas experience that will excite children and entertain parents, all without losing the real spirt of the season.

The experience starts as you head up the driveway and the children’s eyes light up when they see the splendour of the magnificent country house and bright carousel in the garden.

First you are welcomed into the warmth of the hall and meet your elf who will guide you and your group on an adventure through the house.

First stop is a visit to Mrs Claus in the Drawing Room, where the children listen to a story and sing songs together.

Next, you are brought to another room, where there is plenty of lego for the children to play with and a wishing tree, where guests can write a wish to hang from the tree.


If all the wishes come true, Liverpool are going to win the Premier League, Mayo will win Sam, one lucky boy is getting a pony, another is going to win the Lotto while one little girl is going to get a baby sister!


Following some funny interactions with Santa’s elves, the adventure continues as all the children get to decorate their own Gingerbread Man in the Long Gallery, resulting in lots of icing covered in smarties before the poor Gingerbread Man is wolfed down by hungry kids.

The main event follows, as a smaller group is brought to meet the Santa, who has fallen asleep in his bedroom. Everyone screams to wake him up and he then has a lengthy and personal chat with each child before photos and great presents are handed out.

The adventure continues down in the basement where children get to create their own Christmas decoration while the parents enjoy a warm glass of mulled wine before a magical ride on the train.


The whole experience is easily two hours long with lots of different activities, so even if one wasn’t very popular, you are soon doing something else.


Travelling in a group, including your meeting with Santa, may not be for everyone but it really did add to the Christmas spirit and it was great fun listening to all the children as they chatted easily  with Mrs. Clause and the elves but clammed up when greeted by Santa.

My little elves had a brilliant time and loved every bit of the experience, especially Santa who was funny and gentle, leaving a lasting impression on parents and children.

As for his bedtime advice, he doesn’t want to see any children up before 7:30 on Christmas morning, although I don’t think even Santa can make this wish come true!


Winter Wonderland at Westport House


  • December 24, 2018 @ 10:00 am - December 23, 2018 @ 6:30 pm


  • Babies under 1 year old go FREE for their first Christmas with gift included!
  • €15 for infants (children under 2 years – a token gift is included)
  • €28.50 for children (aged 2 years and up – a token gift is included)
  • €14 for adults (aged 16 years and up)

A professional photo service will be available in Santa’s Grotto to capture your little ones’ special Santa experience – this is not included in your admission price. Professionally printed shots can be purchased from €10 each. You’re welcome to take your own family photos too at no cost.

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