5 year old's photo of Mum and baby sister captures parenthood perfectly

Kelli cradles her sick daughter. ©Kelli Bannister/Facebook
Kelli cradles her sick daughter. ©Kelli Bannister/Facebook

The apple didn't fall far from the tree as the infant son of professional photographer Kelli Bannister created an iconic image on the reality of parenting.

Kelli, a photographer and blogger shared the image on Wednesday and it has resonated with parents around the world.

Her daughter Summer was unwell and Kelli did what a lot of Mums do; they got in the shower and "with the soothing sound of running water and the warmth touching our skin, she was calm within minutes"

 It was a moment that would have just passed with many others except her 5 year old son came in and took a photo. 

The image really struck a chord with other parents and already has over 40k likes and thousand of shares. The comments reflect how other Mums dealt with similar bouts of illness and how difficult it is to see your child suffer.

Thankfully, Summer is doing much better now and Mum has hopefully caught up on some of her lost sleep.



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