A Jurassic Park-style theme park experience is coming to the UK

It is described as the greatest safari ever.
It is described as the greatest safari ever.

A real-life dinosaur theme park experience is opening in the UK this summer.

It is billed as a  unique, immersive, live-action family adventure that enables you to travel back 67 million years to experience living dinosaurs. 

Created by the team behind hit BBC series and arena show Walking With Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs In The Wild is described as a “70-minute experience that combines dramatic storytelling, scripted actors, and high-end digital graphics and animatronics to create a believable prehistoric world”.

Visitors will enjoy an adventure mixing theatre and theme park-style fun in a tour that will last 70 minutes and a child ticket at peak times will cost £26 with an accompanying adult ticket costing £29.50.

/Prepare to be enthralled by our working laboratories, in which you’ll witness truly extraordinary things, such as a dinosaur autopsy, hatchlings emerging from eggs and young dinosaurs in cages. You’ll also visit The Lookout, with its huge windows providing the most entrancing panoramic views of the prehistoric life outside TimeBase 67 – who knows, you may even encounter a massive Tyrannosaurus rex!"

Dinosaurs In The Wild will run at Birmingham’s NEC Arena from June 24 to August 24 before moving to Manchester from 7 October 2017 – 7 January 2018. 


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