Babysitters reveal parents most annoying habits

Babysitters don't expect to do ironing too. File Photo.
Babysitters don't expect to do ironing too. File Photo.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a good babysitter but it can also be difficult for a babysitter to find a good family.

Agreeing to babysit your children is one thing, but some parents leave out ironing, don't provide food, add in children's friends and don't pay enough when they arrive home late.

Babysitters have revealed some of the cheekiest things parents try to get away with as part of a survey with new babysitting app Bubble.

A spokesperson said: "A good sitter is like gold dust and we want to keep them happy. But parenting is a tough gig and sometimes the sheer excitement of getting time to ourselves means that even the best of us slip up now and again".

"That's why we launched bubble - to make booking a great babysitter simple and easy for everyone - the only difficult part should be choosing where to go on your night out". 

 The Top 10 cheekiest things babysitters say parents try to get away with   

  1. The "smuggle": Adding friends’ kids to the sit without asking first.
  2. The "math fail": Spending 20 awkward minutes calculating the price and looking for exact change, and still getting it wrong.
  3. The "unexpected pet": Not mentioning the pets that sitters are either allergic to or terrified of.
  4. The "round down": Calculating the final price according to the previous round number, not the next.
  5. The "subtle hint": Strategically placing a stack of creased shirts, iron and ironing board out in the TV room.
  6. The "bread and water": Leaving an empty fridge during a long sit.
  7. The "late cancel": Even on New Years Eve.
  8. The "sleep guarantee": Insisting the kids will be sound asleep when you know they probably won’t.
  9. The "just one more": Nudging back home-time again and again because you’ve got a rare taste of freedom.
  10. The "School Bug": Not mentioning that the kids were struck down with something contagious the day before.

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