Breast Cancer awareness ad uses "Man Boobs" to avoid social media ban

MACMA is an Argentinian-based breast cancer charity, devoted to spreading awareness and knowledge to women about how important it is to regularly screen for lumps in their breast tissue.

Their campaign this week is generating a lot of attention as they developed an ingenious way to bypass social media rules that prohibit nudity.

Joaquin Cubria and Ignacio Ferioli, DAVID's GCD and VP, told Little Black Book: “It's hard to get women over 25 to examine their breasts regularly to prevent breast cancer. But it isn't hard to make them check their phones every five minutes. Therefore, we decided to get to them. That is when we bumped into another problem: breasts are not very welcome; they are censored. Even when teaching how to perform a BSE for the early detection of breast cancer. That is where “manboobs4boobs” comes in. 

As one commentator stated under the video: "This is so clever! I love that it is both spreading cancer awareness and demonstrating the stupidity of censorship".

Manboobs4boobs is a campaign to raise awareness for early detection of breast cancer that defies censorship in Social Media.

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