Christmas shoppers warned about car insurance scam

The next few days will feature lots of people rushing to finish off their Christmas shopping while an unscrupulous few are waiting to take advantage.

Insurance companies are warning drivers of a scam taking place in shopping centre car parks.

Innocent drivers are being targeted while they reverse out of their space and are suddenly hit by an on-coming car.

Following the crash, insurance and relevant details are exchanged but the Gardaí are not called. Subsequent claims are then being made for injuries reported by the driver and the car’s other occupants.

The insurance companies have noticed the trend particularly in the Munster area but warn all motorists to be aware.

In an email to its customers, Aviva said that  “In recent months Aviva has seen growing evidence of innocent motorists being targeted by fraudsters who are seeking financial gain from bogus insurance claims".

Conor Faughnan, from AA said “it has been part of the landscape in Ireland for a few years and it it fraud.  It is one of the issues that drives up everyone’s premiums. I think you should take as comprehensive a record as you can even if it’s a relatively minor incident,”  he told the Independent.

The advice is to check for CCTV footage of the incident and call the gardai no matter how small the crash.

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