Coastguard warning: Have fun on the beach but be aware of the dangers

Beach: Kids love to play on the sand but parents are warned of the dangers
Beach: Kids love to play on the sand but parents are warned of the dangers

As the summer heats up most families will try and spend some time on a beach having fun playing in the sand and the water.

However, the Coastguard in the UK has warned of the dangers of digging holes on the beach as they recenly carried out a training exercise in advance of the peak season.

They want families and children to have fun around the coast this summer but always be aware of the dangers.

When holes are dug on the beach the loose sand can cause difficulty for others that walk over it later. Large amounts of sand can collapes over a person making it difficult to breath.

A child could also run into the sea and fall into a hole that was dug when the tide was out and get into difficulties.

John Kendray, senior coastal operations officer with the Coastguard in Weston-super-Mare told the West Briton that digging on the beach can have "very serious consequences".

The advise is:

  • Children should always be supervised
  • Do not tunnel or dig under the sand 
  • Only dig shallow holes
  • Fill in any holes when you are finished

In 2005, three-year-old Abbie Livingstone-Nurse died after falling into a hole dug under the sand at the high tide mark at Upper Towans Beach in Hayle. She was trapped in a five foot deep pit after playing with her brother on the beach and died despite the efforts of lifeguards and family.

HM Coastguard Somerset on multi agency drill

The Coastguard is advising beach goers to be safe as well as having fun. © HM Coastguard, Somerset / Facebook

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