'Dad of the year' helps daughter go trick or treating on a plane

Passengers give Molly her Halloween treats (Photo: Stephanie Kahan/Twitter)
Passengers give Molly her Halloween treats (Photo: Stephanie Kahan/Twitter)

Halloween is now a firm fixture in any child's calendar so imagine how disappointed your kids would be if you told them that they would spend the night on a long-haul flight.

One parent was faced with that exact problem earlier this week but decided to turn the journey into a unique opportunity.

The father and his three-year-old girl were on board Flight VX 357 from Boston to San Francisco early on Monday when he asked other passengers to help ensure his daughter Molly didn't miss out.

He secretly passed around doughnuts with a small note asking for them to hand the treats out when his daughter came down the aisle.

"My 3-year-old daughter, Molly, was bummed that she wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating this year due to this flight...so I decided to bring trick-or-treating to her.

“If you are willing, when my little donut comes down the aisle, please drop this in her basket. You’ll be making her Halloween!

News of the father's thoughtfulness spread thanks to fellow passenger Stephanie Kahan tweeting a photo of the 'event'.

"OMG, my heart is exploding right now," Stephanie said.

"Dad of the year just passed out candy to everyone on the flight so his three-year-old could trick or treat.


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