Dragons fight over young boy's simple invention that Mum's will love

If you are a mother of sporty children, a fifteen year old from London has just made your life easier.

Arminder Singh Dhillon invention is so simple that he had three Dragons fighting to buy in.

Touker Suleyman, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones all wanted in and, eventually, each agreed to invest £20,000 for 10 per cent share of the business.

Arminder invented the Boot Buddy after getting fed up with the time he had to spent washing his shoes after playing football.

Boot Buddy takes all the strain out of cleaning muddy footwear. It only requires a couple of minutes and 300ml of water to clean even stubborn dirt build-up. It’s convenient, small and portable so you can spend less time cleaning and more time playing!

Boot Buddy works for all types of muddy footwear so whether you’ve been jumping in muddy puddles, playing lacrosse, hiking up a hill, strolling around the golf course or mucking out stables, this product is for you.

Arminder said, “The whole experience is indescribable. I’m still amazed at having seen my idea become an actual product and to now have the support of three such inspirational business people is incredible!

“Stepping into the Dragons Den was definitely daunting but I’d rehearsed my pitch thoroughly and I had my mother and brother by my side for support so I wasn’t too nervous,” he added.

Deborah Meaden, one of the successful Dragon investors said, “Living on a farm I can definitely see the need for a product like Boot Buddy. It will save you from spending countless hours cleaning mud off your shoes which is frankly one of the most tedious household chores there is.”

The response to the product has been fantastic. Margaret, a Mum from Chiswick said "I bought the Boot Buddy for my son as he plays rugby on a Saturday and mud is always relentless. The Boot Buddy made the task of cleaning my son’s boots easy. He will run off to the side of the pitch, clean his rugby boots and pop them in a carrier bag. I feel it’s an amazing product as it gives my son the responsibility to clean his boots. As an added bonus it saves me from ruining the kitchen sink and clogging up the bath with mud"

The Boot Buddy retails at £14.99 and you can buy directly from their online shop for delivery to Ireland or Amazon if delivering to the UK .

© Image Courtesy of Rugby Store


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