Everything you need to know about the clocks moving forward this weekend

Spring Forward: The days become longer in the summer
Spring Forward: The days become longer in the summer

It has been so much easier recently getting out of bed when it is bright, but that is all about to change.

Daylight Saving returns next month when the clock going forward moves sunrise to 7.15am.

However, there will be a grand stretch in the evenings as sunset on Sunday will now be closer to 19.47.

The real benefit is during the summer when, without Daylight Saving, the dawn chorus would be heard from before 4am.

Now, that would be an early start.

However, the cost of this benefit is that we will get one hour less sleep this Saturday night.

When are the clocks going forward?

The clocks go forward one hour at 1am this Sunday, 25th March. 

Don't forget to reset all your kitchen clocks before going to bed and make sure that the time setting on your smartphone is set to update automatically.

This will ensure that your alarm goes off at the correct time and you're not one hour late for work.

What does it actually mean?

Initially, we just lose an hour of sleep but the brighter nights definitely help when planning things to do after work.

Don't forget that if you have family abroad that we will no longer be GMT but GMT+1 so the times of any scheduled calls may change.

Also, the US changed their time on March 11th so we'll return to the more common five-hour time difference with the east coast.

Who said that time zones were not complicated?

When will clocks go back again?

As the saying goes, we 'spring' forward' and 'leap backwards' on Sunday, 28th October at 2am, when we gain an extra nights sleep but wake up in the dark.

Why was Daylight Savings introduced?

The popular opinion was that it was introduced to help farmers but apparently it was started by Kaiser Wilhelm to save fuel during the first World War.

I'll let John Oliver explain:

Daylight Saving Time - How Is This Still A Thing?: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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