Five year old offers Michael Conlon his school medal as consolation

Generous: Conlon called little Finn's letter "heart-warming".
Generous: Conlon called little Finn's letter "heart-warming".

Five year old Finn McManus from Swords wrote a note to his boxing hero offering him his school medal saying that he was "a winner ".

“I saw your fight in Rio and you should have won because you are the best boxer in the world,” the note read.

I want you to have my school medal because you are a winner. I hope you like it.” Finn wrote in the letter.

The note was posted on Facebook and Twitter by his aunt and uncle and, after been shared over 1,000 times, eventually reached Michael Conlon in Brazil.

"Very warming message from this young lad, if anyone knows who he is, could they please tell him I have a gift for him,” Conlon said on Twitter.






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