Has anyone seeing this engagement ring? Woman appeals for help

Missing: Lisa is hoping someone will find her engagement ring
Missing: Lisa is hoping someone will find her engagement ring

A distraught Dublin woman is begging for help after losing her engagement ring on Tuesday night.

Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty was in the Grand Canal area of the city last night, and spent some time in Lucio’s restaurant on Clanwilliam Terrace. 

The bespoke ring, a yellow gold band with an oval shaped Emerald and ten diamonds in a cluster around it, was given to her by her now-husband when he proposed four years ago. The pair have been married for three years.

Lisa is now retracing her steps last night in an effort to find the treasured ring.

She walked from the restaurant to Café Bar H on the Grand Canal, and later again, she walked to the car park behind Clanwilliam Square.

When she arrived home, she realised that the ring was gone.

“I’m really sure that I was wearing my ring at the restaurant because I would have noticed if it was missing.”

“It’s really heartbreaking. I did the whole retracing my steps this morning and scanning the ground, but it wasn’t there.”

“I’m really upset. I’m hopeful someone will spot it somewhere nearby!”

If you find the ring, contact Lisa on Facebook HERE.

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