Irish sisters invent €12.50 product that may save your child's life

From the kitchen table to selling worldwide in three years, the Irish company's "new" product is an overnight success following launch of local e-commerce site.

BeltLock is a simple product to help keep your children secure in their car seats.

It is a simple device that easily fits over the seat-belt receiver and prevents the a child from opening of the seat belt. When you need to remove the car seat, BeltLock can be easily opened by inserting a key between the slots to press the normal red release button.

Sisters Denise Mac Giolla Rí & Sheena Kenny, along with their husbands and cousin Eoghan, developed and launched the product in May 2013. It is now available throughout the world from their new site or Amazon.

BeltLock is made in Ireland and that is something the sisters are very proud of.

'It was important we had a quality product and manufacturing it here, allowed us to control every aspect of the production".

To order or find out more details click HERE.

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