Major disruptions today as rail workers refuse to pass bus pickets

Strike: Workers at Bus Eireann started an all-out strike at midnight
Strike: Workers at Bus Eireann started an all-out strike at midnight

Irish Rail announced that there will be significant disruption to its intercity rail services today.

The company said that there will be no services today on the following routes: Cork commuter, Waterford to Limerick Junction, Limerick to Galway, Limerick to Ballybrophy via Nenagh, Tralee to Mallow as Irish Rail employees refused to pass Bus Eireann pickets this morning.

DART, Dublin area commuter services, Westport and Belfast routes are currently operating as normal.

About 100,000 Bus Éireann passengers have been affected today as well thousands of rail users.

Irish Rail spokesperson Barry Kenny told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland: “We apologise to customers for the fluid and quite sudden impact. We’ll continue to update customers throughout the day'.

Their latest update said that there will be limited services on the following routes:

Dublin/Cork, Dublin/Galway, Dublin/Sligo, Dublin/Waterford, Dublin/Rosslare, Dublin/Limerick Junction only
Cork Route: 
- Cork/Heuston & Cork Commuter services will resume as scheduled from 11:00hrs.
- 12:00hrs Heuston/Cork is cancelled.
- 23:15hrs  Heuston to Cork (match special) will operate serving Portlaoise, Lim Junction, Charleville & Mallow.

Limerick Route: 
- No services operating to/from Limerick Station.
- Customers can travel from Dublin or Cork to/from Limerick Junction.

Tralee Route: 
-  Limited and curtailed service operating.
- 13:05hrs Tralee to Mallow will operate.

Waterford Route:  
- Some services have been cancelled, see full list below.
- 11:00hrs & 18:25hrs Waterford to Heuston will operate from Kilkenny only.

Sligo Route: 
- Limited and curtailed service operating
- 11:05hrs will operate to Boyle only.
- 15:00hrs Sligo to Connolly will operate from Boyle at 15:33hrs.
- 17:15hrs & 18:05hrs Connolly/Longford will operate.

Galway Route: 
- 11:05hrs, 17:20hrs & 19:20hrs Galway to Heuston will operate.
- 11:45hrs Heuston to Athlone serving Portarlington, Tullamore, Clara.
- 13:25hrs, 15:35hrs & 16:30hrs Heuston to Galway will operate.
- 18:10hrs Galway to Athlone will operate
- 23:25hrs Heuston to Galway (match special) will operate.

Rosslare Route: 
- 13:36hrs Connolly to Rosslare will operate.
- 17:36hrs Connolly to Wexford will operate
- 17:55hrs Rosslare to Connolly will operate.

There will be no services on the following routes:

Limerick to Limerick Junction, Waterford to Limerick Junction, Limerick to Galway, Limerick to Ballybrophy via Nenagh.
The following services are cancelled:

09:00 Sligo to Connolly
09:40 Connolly to Rosslare
10:00 Heuston to Cork
11:00 Sligo to Connolly
11:25 Heuston to Galway
12:00 Heuston to Cork
12:55 Rosslare to Connolly
13:00 Sligo to Connolly
13:05 Connolly to Sligo
13:05 Galway to Heuston
13:05 Waterford to Heuston
13:15 Heuston to Waterford
14:40 Galway to Heuston
14:50 Waterford to Heuston
15:05 Galway to Heuston
15:05 Connolly to Sligo
16:00 Waterford to Heuston
16:00 Connolly to Sligo
16:15 Heuston to Waterford
16:25 Waterford to Heuston
16:37 Connolly to Rosslare
16:40 Heuston to Waterford
17:05 Connolly to Sligo
17:30 Heuston to Galway
17:35 Heuston to Waterford
18:35 Heuston to Waterford
18:30 Heuston to Galway
18:38 Connolly to Rosslare
19:35 Heuston to Galway

Intending customers should note:

- Bus Éireann tickets are not valid on Iarnród Éireann services during this dispute.

- Higher demand is expected on rail services.  Customers with flexibility should travel outside busiest times.


Customers who have booked on a train today that has been affected can travel on an alternative service for free, where available, using the same ticket.
Customers who no longer wish to travel today, please email [email protected] for a full refund. You don't need to print your tickets, just email us your reservation number and we will do the rest.

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