Map reveals the top tourist attraction in every European country

Map: Interesting differences between the two maps.
Map: Interesting differences between the two maps.

Two maps claim to reveal the top tourist attraction in every country based either on Google search or TripAdvisor.

First, Reddit user ByzantiumStronk made this graphic after Googling 'what to see in...' for European (and surrounding) countries and finding the top result for each. 

The results show that the Cliffs of Moher is the top suggestion for Ireland while in the UK the search result suggests visting the Tower of London.

Map of Europe

However, an alternative map has also been published showing alternative results based on data from TripAdvisor's 'Top things to do' in every country in the world, as well as Europe. and has been put together by Voucher Cloud.

It found that the majority of tourism highlights around the world are natural attractions with 76 favoured by holidaymakers, including Killarney National Park in Ireland. 

Historical attractions were recommended by visitors in 54 destinations, including the Colosseum in Italy with 29 countries having religious attractions like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Another 38 countries have tourist attractions specifically designed to entertain visitors like the Harry Potter Studio Tour in the UK.

The top attraction in the US is deemed to be Central Park in New York, while Sydney Harbour Bridge is recommended in Australia and Niagra Falls in Canada.

Tripadvisor Map

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