McDonalds give away VR Headsets with Happy Meal Box

Kids play with the new McDonalds VR Headset
Kids play with the new McDonalds VR Headset

Happy Meals at McDonalds have just been given a serious upgrade.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic meal, Swedish restaurants are giving away a special Happy Meal box that will transform into a virtual reality set when lenses and a smartphone are added.

The smartphone, however, does not come free with the meal!

It will be available for only a limited time and there are no plans to roll out to other countries.

“The Happy Meal is one of our most loved menus and therefore an appropriate platform for reaching out to our family customers through experiences that focus on play and learning’ says Jeff Jackett, Marketing Director at McDonald's Sweden.

'We believe that many people will enjoy the fun skiing game with the new Happy Goggles.'

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