Meet the world's smallest baby; Emilia was born weighing just 229 grams

Tiny: Baby Emilia was only 229 gramms. © Photo: Marie Hospital
Tiny: Baby Emilia was only 229 gramms. © Photo: Marie Hospital

Emilia Grabarczyk, called "the small fighter' by her doctors, has defied all the odds after been born so small that her feet were not much bigger than an adult fingernail.

Emilia was only 22cm long and weighed 229 grams when she was born in Witten, near Dortmund, Germany, last November.

She was so small that her tiny feet were only 3cm long.

She has been called a "small fighter" and a 'miracle' by her doctors after being described as the lightest premature baby ever born in the world.

"We know that children rarely survive even with a birth weight of 400 grams," says Bahman Gharavi, Acting Head of the Department of Paediatrics at the Marien Hospital, Witten where Emilia was delivered by emergency cesarean.

"There are sometimes miracles that we cannot comprehend. This is how we feel about Emilia," he told Ruhr Nachrichten.

Following several operations, the first at only 20 days old,  excellent medical care between all the departments and a lot of body contact with her Mum, Emilia is the now the weight and size of a mature newborn child.

Fortunately, there are no signs of any serious disabilities and, nine months after her birth, her parents Lukas and Sabine Grabarczyk can take her home.


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