Milk is better than sports drinks at rehydrating kids after exercise

Milk: Helps rehydration after sports
Milk: Helps rehydration after sports

A new study has revealed that milk is more hydrating than sports drinks and water.

The Independent reports that the study conducted by the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at University of Limerick, on behalf of the National Dairy Council, analysed a group of seven young men aged 26 years.

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The athletes were given milk, a sports drink or water after exercise and it was shown that re-hydration with milk was the most effective.

Dr. Sharon Madigan RD, PhD, RSEN. Head of Performance Nutrition, Irish Institute of Sports says that the reason milk is better is because not only does it provide hydration through fluid but also includes protein, lactose and a number of salts.

'Although further research is welcome across age groups, genders and various sports, three to four hours after exercise, this research is suggesting that somebody can be more hydrated when consuming milk, rather than water, after exercise'.





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