Parents argue over whether this short video can make you a better parent

The idea is the sometimes the best parenting move is the last one that we want to make.

This video was posted on the Sun Gazing facebook page earlier this month and parents of older children and teenagers have already shared the message over 100,000 times.

Five milliion people have also viewed the short 80 second video with some commentators agreeing with the simple message but others totally against it.

What do you think?

At times like this it's hard to be a Mom but it's also hard to be a teen. Love them no matter what.  ❤️  Sue Winkler

Sorry, disagree. This is exactly why this generation feels especially entitled. Sorry, no one owes you anything. Teach kids respect and responsibility, let them suffer natural consequences for their actions or inaction. Be loving but very firm. Carrolyn Hogue 

You saw past the attitude and the anger and gave your child what he really needed to diffuse this standoff without further tension and conflict. Children, especially teenagers, get so stressed that they say and do things that confuse and scare even themselves. Sometimes it means the parent must forgive and take the reins in order to avoid a permanent stalemate. Barbara Garry​

First off! He sounds like an ungrateful brat! Two,how the hell is he gonna pick a fight when he's not doing what's asked of him?! And lastly! What kind of life lessons is he gonna learn if his Mom keeps cleaning up after him?! I miss the days of real parenting when you couldn't go ANYWHERE until you did your chores. I bet he has no problem going to her when he needs something! David Stewart 


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