Parents confess to the worst lies that they told their children

Not true: "When the ice cream truck plays music, it means they're out of ice cream".
Not true: "When the ice cream truck plays music, it means they're out of ice cream".

It's only a little white lie. We all use them to teach our children lessons or just to put the fear of God into them so they wont do something we consider dangerous or inappropriate.

Users on Reddit have must shared the wierdest lie they have told or tell their children.

Some you may recognise because your parents told them to you, others because you use them now with your own children but there are also a few that really are weird!


1. "My parents told me i was allergic to sugar and would die if i ate it. they even went and brought "alternative snacks" to my school teachers like carrot sticks and peanuts for them to stock up for me and hand out when the other kids got birthday cupcakes. not the worst thing they could have done to me, but it sucked." Kaliforniamike

2. "I dated a dude once who didn't find out until he was a teenager that you can actually eat more than one marshmallow a day. His parents told him that if you ate more than one they would expand in your stomach and kill you. I think he ate a lot of marshmallows after that". newdz

3. "Eat your macaroni. That's how the Poweranger became the Powerangers, by eating plenty of macaroni". TheDragHit

4. "When the ice cream truck plays music, it means they're out of ice cream". MrsAnthropy

5. My mom told me it was the Music Truck... I had no idea there was ever any ice cream :('. novemberrain

6. "Pretty basic, but when I was little my dad was drinking some Coke, and I asked for a sip. He told me that I had tried it before, and hated it (which was, of course, not true. I had never tried soda before). But I believed him and went on refusing soda everywhere I went. Whaddya know, I still hate soda to this day. I've never had more than a few sips". Thinkalternativ3

7. "The animal on your plate died of happiness". Showmeyourpapers

Runny Nose

8. "My 2.5 yo son has HORRIBLE allergies and his nose is always disgusting. He freaks out if I try to clean it off. I took him to the beach on Sunday and didn't want him walking around with his crusty, yucky nose so I told him: "If you don't let me get the boogers, the seagulls will get them." He now requests that I clean his nose so that "the birds don't get in there," and even thanks me after! I realize this is a weird thing to let my kid walk around believing, but its better than him screaming bloody murder every time I try to wipe his nose'. thisisnotproductive

Biting Nails

9. "Don't bite your nails, they cut your stomach open if you swallow them. Worst story ever'. Bangbroos

Thunder Storms

10. "My son is terrified of thunder, but he loves high fives. "So I tell him that whenever he hears thunder, it's just clouds giving each other high fives. It calms him down almost every time." graace

Water Shortage

11. "My friend's parents told him there was a big beautiful fish that lived behind the bathroom mirror, and if he used too much water, it would die". Anon


12. "My mother referred to beer as 'Mommy soda'. She is an alcoholic". Stefan_89

13. "I never wondered about the alcohol, but when my dad threw up, my parents always said he'd eaten a bad pie". Freddie_AppsHero

14. "My dad said it was mango juice and I couldn't have any because I'm allergic to mango". dogboat


15. "We have a two year old, when my wife is desperate for him to leave something alone she tells him there's a spider on it. Not all that weird but kinda mean, but better than him breaking something expensive or burning himself. You can't reason with a two year old". fizgigtiznalkie


16. "My mom would tell me that when I told a lie, a little black dot appeared on my tongue. So whenever she wanted me or my sister to fess up to something, she would tell us to hold out our tongues. Whoever didn't was the lier. After we were old enough to realize that was a bunch of stale bologna, she told us there was a man who she worked with, who had this special syrup that he would use on shoplifters, to see of they were telling the truth or not. (Think Veritaserum from Harry Potter) Needless to say, she had me fooled for a long time". sninapeters

17. "My mom did a similar thing to me. She told me that whenever I lied, it said LIAR on my forehead, so I, being the child genius that I was, would cover my forehead every time I lied.. you know, so she wouldn't know. That woman was an evil genius". Anatidaephobia-y

18. "I use to tell my son that when he lied to me the word 'lie' would float up in his pupils like a magic eight ball. "The best part is when he would squeeze his eyes shut and cover them with both hands before lying".  Nomdeplume

19. I told my children than I can tell when they lie because their leg twitches. I can now tell when they are lying because they stare at their legs as they tell me the lie". Anon


20. "I'm not a parent but this is my favorite lie my dad told me and my sister. I'm not exactly sure why he told us this lie, but I think it was because his loading bench was in the garage and he didn't want us going down there unsupervised. My dad told my sister and I that a huge, fat woman named Elizabeth lived in our garage and would eat us if we went down there. To make it even more terrifying, he would leave the door from the house to the garage open and bang on stuff and scream that Elizabeth had gotten him. It was traumatizing, we'd sit at the top of the stairs crying". commentonALLtheposts

21. "My daughter was afraid of monsters at night, like all kids. So I gave her a potato masher and told her it was a magic stick that keeps monsters away if she sleeps with it by her pillow". wellhushmypuppies

22. "This! When I was little and terrified of the monsters in my closet my grandma gave me a "magic wand" (stick with a styrofoam star on top painted gold) and told me if I saw a monster come out of my closet to say the magic word and it would go away. She neglected to tell me the real magic word to use and later that night I woke my parents up by bellowing PLEASE AND THANK YOU over and over at a towel on a hook waving in the breeze from the open window". hellomskitty

23. "When I babysat, I kept a little spray bottle in my purse that had water with a tiny bit of lavender oil in it. The kids I sat for had serious monster problems, so every night before bed I'd give them a little spritz to keep the monsters away. Worked perfectly :)". pippx

Bad Language

24. "When ever my cousin accidentally swears in front of her young kids, she blames it on her "time as a pirate". It's the best excuse ever". Friskyblue

25. "Not a parent, but I am an overprotective big sister. I was really protective of my little brother, and didn't want him to know "the F-word". He really wanted to know, and he kept pestering me about it, so I told him it was "flock". Then when we went to church and heard the pastor talk about Jesus and his "flock of sheep", my brother screamed. He was absolutely hysterical and started crying because the pastor said "the F-word" in church". Anon


26.. "I used to have a problem when I was 3 where I would pee in the tub. My mom was so upset that she told me "If you keep doing this you'll turn blue!" I did it one more time after that and she slipped blue food coloring in. I never did it again. Not even in the pool. The absolute worst part was that it was so real to me that while I was 10-12 years old I would still tell people "If you pee in the tub enough times you'll turn blue." I was my town's Ralph Wiggum". casualblair


27. "Sheep are wooly pigs". jackncoke72

28. "Sheep are naughty clouds which were being punished by making them heavy. Worked for about three years, that one. And pigs are midget hippos". showmeyourpapers


29. "This was my niece when she was learning to talk,, but I had her absolutely convinced for the better part of a year that a fish goes 'moo' and she just couldn't hear it because it was underwater". grimfel


30. "Ever evening as we were going to bed, my dad would read to us until we fell asleep. But if we got quiet and he started to get up while we were still conscious, we'd fully wake up and he'd have another half hour of reading to do.So he started testing to see if we were really asleep by making up ridiculous additions to the story, often cumulating in the gleefully insane deaths of all the characters. If we didn't say anything after Robin Hood was eaten by a dinosaur he knew it was safe to stop". tgjer

31. "My parents didn't change the digital clocks for daylight savings time, so that six months out of the year I went to bed an hour earlier than my bedtime". Anon


32. "When my son was younger and he had lost a tooth I would have him put it under his pillow. "After he's asleep I would replace the tooth with a shiny gold coin. "Next, I'd open a nearby window just a crack and leave a small trail of glitter from the window to the pillow. " "The cries of 'Mum!! Look the Tooth Fairy was here!' followed by him tracking the glitter trail always made me smile all day." Nomdeplume

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