Prisoners spend more time outdoors than Irish children

Study shows that children need to spend more time playing outside
Study shows that children need to spend more time playing outside

Are protective parents doing their children more harm than good?

Most parents & childminders do not feel comfortable letting their children play outside due to fear about potential risks from traffic, weather and strangers.

Early Childhood Ireland held it's annual conference on Saturday and highlighted a recent study that showed, while UN rights for prisoners provide for one hour outdoors every day, more than three-quarters of Irish children get less than that.

"There's no doubt that children are spending far more time indoors on electronic devices," Dr Brennan told The Irish Independent.

Dr. Brennan advised that children need to be able to run and play outside. 

"They're always under the gaze of an adult," she said. "But we are advocating for the freedom of children to be outdoors with their friends. Children need to spend more time outdoors and in nature."

The Irish Examiner noted the comments from Educational Consultant Claire Warden who said the majority of children need to be spending more time in the fresh air.

She said: "So you've got to ask yourself, why are we saying that children can't go outside when other people, whether it be prisoners or people in residential homes, they are all allowed to go outside.

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