Restaurant for dogs opens in Glasgow so your pet can whine and dine

Bone Appetit: Plenty of choice available
Bone Appetit: Plenty of choice available

Our kids loved the movie Hotel for Dogs but now they can bring their furry friends to an actual restaurant for dogs

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Owners at the the Winged Ox at St Luke’s in Glasgow have introduced a special menu for dogs serving lamb burgers, chicken and rice, and of course, hot dogs, so your pet can now whine and dine with you.

There is a full adult menu too so your pooch doesn't have to share.

Executive chef Steve Martin told the Daily Record newspaper: "We've had all sorts of dogs here, all shapes and sizes, even some tiny ones in doggy jackets. The food is all top quality and fit for human consumption but is obviously served at a lower temperature and in special doggy bowls".

They have plans to start serving beer too, but your dog might feel a bit ruff after!


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