Rising tide submerges luxury campervan as couple walk on beach

A warning has been issued to motorists to check tide times before parking their vehicles on the beach after a campervan was surrounded by water at Brean, Somerset.

A couple headed off for an evening stroll on the beach but when they returned their luxury motorhome was surrounded by water.

Fortunately, the coastguard were able to winch it from the water after it became partially submerged when its wheels got stuck in soft sand.

Burnham Area Rescue Boat spokesman Mark Newman said: "Fortunately, the tide was not too high on Sunday evening and the campervan could be recovered and driven away, but not all motorists are that fortunate. Our advice is always to check the tide times if driving onto local beaches."

The owners, a couple from Gloucester, made a donation to the Burnham-on-Sea lifeboat charity when they returned to the scene.








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