Seven ways to keep Valentine's Day special after you have children

Romance: Parents have to work hard to keep it alive.
Romance: Parents have to work hard to keep it alive.

Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, and it would only be harder to plan some romance if the last dinner slot available was just before the school run.

However, all the relationship gurus insist that you cannot just ignore the occasion as it is even more important to work on your relationship during those times when it is easier not too.

Here are some tips to make the day a little more special than a regular Tuesday.

1. Get personal

Don't just pick up the usual flowery card with a general note that means nothing in particular. Take a leaf out of your kid's book and make something yourself. Or make sure, the gift you have means something important and shows that, although it doesn't always look like it, you were thinking of your special partner.

2. Make small gestures

Sometimes we forget that small actions can at times outweigh the bigger gestures. Making your partner aware that you really know them; buying their preferred wine, avoiding flowers they don't like, or cooking their favourite dinner is really important. Also, a simple hug can feel very romantic.

3. Text each other

I don't mean the 'what time are you home at' or 'did you pay that bill' texts that we all send and receive every day. A simple 'thinking of you' will be really appreciated.

4. Schedule some time together

It will be hard to get a babysitter on a Tuesday night and even harder to cancel all your children's activities. Why not plan a night out before, or after the big day? It is really important to plan some time for just each other so your partner remembers how special they are to you.

5. Do something unexpected

Leave a note on the mirror in the morning. Show up at your partners work for lunch. Dress up for dinner after the kids go to bed, or at least stay out of your pyjamas. Anything that changes the daily routine, no matter how small, will make the occasion less of a chore.

6. Use the 3-2-1 rule

If you do manage to get a babysitter then don't fall out over where to go or what to do. Come up with three possible options. Then, one person eliminates one and the other person eliminates another. That was easy. Plans agreed. No more rows about what to eat or where to go.

7. Laugh

Whatever you end up doing on the day, just ensure that you make each other laugh. Tell jokes, remind your partner of a funny memory or tell a funny story that is just for the two of you.

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