Six of the worst rollercoaster accidents in the world

Deaths: The Cyclone in Coney Island has been linked to three deaths.
Deaths: The Cyclone in Coney Island has been linked to three deaths.

The shocking accident at M&D's in Scotland on Sunday highlighted the dangers associated with theme parks and the trust visitors must put in the safety protocols of the parks.

However, although they do happen, accidents are rare.

According to the IAAPA, a trade association for permanent amusement park facilities, the chance of an injury occurring in a park is 1 in 9 million with the chance of fatal injury about 1 in 1.5 billion.

Always visit reputable parks, obey the safety instructions and use your common sense. If you've been drinking alcohol or don't meet the height and weight requirements then you are putting yourself at risk.

6) Six Flags Over Georgia, USA

The Ride: Batman 

The Batman ride through Gotham City has had two deaths associated with it.

In 2002, a groundskeeper was killed when hit by the leg of a passenger as they passed by.

Also, in the summer of 2008 a 17-year-old boy was killed when, having lost his hat, he climbed over the railings to retrieve it and was hit by the coaster killing him instantly.


5) Coney Island, USA

The Ride: Cyclone

The rollercoaster has been linked to three deaths since its opening in 1927.

The latest victim, 53 year old Keith Shirasawa, died due to complications from surgery five days after he fractured several bones his neck during a downhill drop. 


4) Expoland, Osaka, Japan

The Ride: Fujin Raijin II Roller Coaster

A woman died and 19 other passengers were injured when the six-car Fujin Raijin II roller coaster at Expoland, on which passengers stand through the course of the ride, derailed and hit a guardrail after a wheel axle on one of the cars broke.


3) Battersea Park Fun Fair, London, UK

The Ride: The Big Dipper

In 1972 Britain saw its worst amusement park tragedy.

A wooden rollercoaster at the park was one of its most iconic attractions but in 1972, the rope that carries one of the cars to the top of one of the steep climbs on the track snapped.

The chains of cars then went falling back down towards the start and smashed into a wall.

Five children died and 13 adults were injured.


2) Galaxyland Amusement Park, Alberta, Canada

The Ride: The Mindbender

The Mindbender is the world’s largest indoor triple loop rollercoaster. In 1986, the last car then disengaged from the track, swinging wildly behind the remaining carrages, flinging passengers to the ground.

As the remaining cars attempted to climb the steep last loop, it stalled and began flying backwards – losing control and crashing into a concrete pillar.

Three people were killed, and one seriously injured.


1) Eco-Adventure Journey, Shenzen, China

The Ride: The Space Journey

The rollercoaster is designed to simulate the experience of a rocket launch, including acceleration twice that of gravity.

In 2010, during the middle of the simulation, one of the ride’s cars broke off and fell to the ground.

44 people were in the car – six of them were killed, ten critically injured and more than a dozen were taken to hospital unconscious.

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