Survey Results: Should kids have a mobile phone at this age?

What age should children have their own mobile phone? © File Photo
What age should children have their own mobile phone? © File Photo

Some parents say they don't want their child to be the first but also don't want them to be the last.

However, based on the results of a recent survey, it seems a lot of parents have given in to the constant pestering.

Pelican Products, a protective case design and manufacturer, has revealed that 18 percent of children aged between six and eight now own their own mobile phone.

This increases slightly to almost 20 percent for those aged between nine and eleven and over 50 percent for children over the age of 13.

While the numbers of younger kids having their own phones may be shocking, what's not surprising is the amount of time they spend on their parent's phone:

  • almost half (49%) of parents allow their children to use their phone to keep them entertained for one hour per week,
  • 33% up to five hours per week,
  • 10% up to ten hours per week, 
  • 2.5%  ten to fifteen hours per week, and
  • 4% or respondents allowing their child to use their phone over fifteen hours a week.

Estefania Fenoy, the Director of Marketing - EMEA, says that parents usually share their phones with their children to keep them quiet:

"Parents loan their smartphones to keep their children occupied. Over 20 percent of parents in the research said they loaned their phones to their children at restaurants; 18 percent in a doctor's or dentist's waiting room; and 22 percent generally when outside the home. Only 29 percent of respondents said they did not loan their mobile to their children, with the majority passing it out for at least a little while."


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