Teacher shames parents by sending critical note home in kid's lunchbox

Healthy: Lots of schools ban chocolate from children's lunch boxes. © File Photo
Healthy: Lots of schools ban chocolate from children's lunch boxes. © File Photo

Everyone thinks parenting is easy, that's until you have to do it for real.

Nobody knows what goes on inside other families homes but the majority of parents are always trying to do the best for their children.

Sometimes we get it right.

Other times we get it wrong.

A lot of schools have started implementing rules about what is allowed and not allowed as part of your child's lunch. In fairness, they are trying to encourage parents to really think about healthy eating. 

However, it's not always possible to prepare a 100% healthy meal covering all important food groups as you try to get your family out the door in the morning.

Also, parents occasionally like to leave a little treat in the lunchbox so their child will get a nice surprise.

One mother of eight, in Austraila, was criticised for doing just this and received a stern note home from her child's teacher.

Her friend posted the note to Facebook on Thursday.

The note, which was headed with a sad face, read: "Your child has a chocolate slice from the red food category today.

"Please choose healthier options for kindy (kindergarten)".

The response to the post has been generally positive with most people being very supportive.

Kathy Pletcher Dudley said: "Having 8 kids, they should be happy she remembered lunch at all. I have 3 and I am overwhelmed most days".

"Please add my support to telling the teacher to mind her own business. That note had to embarrass the child', added Beth Eaton Ramsey.

Mel Attard agreed that sometimes she adds a surprise treat too, saying: 'Omg! I often put a sweet surprise in my boy's lunch boxes for them...they loved it'.

However, not everyone agreed.

Mark Brennan wondered: "Is it really that difficult to pack a banana?"

Christine Barnes thinks that 'schools have to stick to healthy eating policies and unfortunately parents need to follow school policies or remove their children. Parents cannot make rules in school'.

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