Temple Street tell parents to stay away from hospital today

Closed: The hospital has urged parents to stay away
Closed: The hospital has urged parents to stay away

Following a major power cut last night, Temple Street Children's Hospital have asked parents and children to stay away.

The hospital said that is has a "significant issue with its power supply and is currently working off the hospital generator".

Five patients from Temple Street Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) have been transferred to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin.

Twenty scheduled surgeries and all elective x-rays have been postponed.

The source of the outage has been traced to a fault with the transformer in the hospital's sub-station which will be replaced on Saturday. The fault led to an 8 second outage at 3am this morning.

The hospital said that while they have a current uninterupted power source the decision was taken as a precautionary measure until a back-up generator is installed later today.

The hospital is therefore off call for ambulances and parents have been advised not to bring their children to Temple Street today.

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