This short pregnancy announcement will make you cry tears of joy

Brotherly love: Lindsey's brother instantly understands what she means
Brotherly love: Lindsey's brother instantly understands what she means

The internet is full of videos of people reacting to a positive pregnancy test in so many funny and sweet ways but this brother's immediate reaction to his sister's announcement has won us over.

It did not take Callum MacPhee long to understand why his younger sister Lindsay was giving him a bottle of wine.

In the video Lindesy offers a gift from a trip to a winery and then jokes that she originally got it for herself but that she "can't drink for the next nine months." 

Lindsay wrote on the Love What Matters Facebook page, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and after years of trying to conceive, she was finally told she would not be able to have children.

In 2005 at the age 27, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before treatment I was told it may affect my fertility. After years of trying, natural cycle fertility and many tears, heartaches and sorrow, we were told I was slipping in and out of menopause and would not be able to have children. Heartbroken, devastated and feeling complete and utter loss, we moved back home to NS to be near my family. We went for our first information session for adoption.

At age 36, a month and a half after moving home I got sick. Positive it was from Thai food, I tried nursing myself for a week and a half before I had a feeling to buy another pregnancy test. When it came back positive we could not believe it so we bought two more, had blood work and an ultrasound. Yup, we were preggers!! A miracle baby.

I couldn't wait to tell my family, especially my brother who did not believe we could not have kids. My brother and I are like best friends. We captured his reaction on video. My son is now 14 months old and I still cannot watch the video without crying. It defines our families true love.

My little boy is my world. We have been so blessed by this miracle we never thought would happen. Our hearts are full.


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