Using these three emojis will immediately shutdown your iPhone

Warning: The text message will crash your iphone.
Warning: The text message will crash your iphone.

Be careful if you receive a text message with a rainbow emoji.

Tech watchers have noticed how iPhones with iOS 10 cannot handle the characters, white flag, number 0 and a rainbow, beside each other and it will freeze the phone.

For example, if someone tries a search using the three emojis the phone will crash.

This issue is being caused by the iPhone software trying to combine the symbols into one emoji, a rainbow flag. However, the system is unable to process this and the phone crashes.

French iOS developer Vincent Desmurs, told the Guardian that the issue is caused by Apple’s handling of the variation selector and the emojis beside it. He said: “What variation selector 16 (VS16) does in this case essentially is tell the device to combine the two surrounding characters into one emoji, yielding the rainbow flag.

“The text you’re copying is actually a waving white flag, VS16, zero, rainbow emoji. What I’m assuming is happening is that the phone tries to combine the waving white flag and the zero into an emoji, but this obviously can’t be done.

The bug is now being abused, with users sending the three characters in a text message to prank their friends.

If you receive the message, your phone will immediately freeze. Don't panic though, it will restart after about a minute or you can reset your phone by holding the home button.

Once your phone restarts, delete the message immediately.

If the phone keeps crashing it may be because it is still trying to process the message. If this happens, ask a friend to send you a different text message and reset.

Apple have yet to comment on the bug but expect a software update shortly.





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