Woman warns Dublin people to avoid this scam in city centre

Warning: The scam artist has been known to operate throughout Dublin
Warning: The scam artist has been known to operate throughout Dublin

A South-African con-artist who has tricked many people with a story of being robbed in a hostel has been outed on Reddit.

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User gapmunky shared the story of her near escape on Saturday and since then many more users have come forward with similar experiences.

"I was walking home yesterday and around Christchurch a guy stopped me, looked like a normal well dressed guy and not a scumbag or whatever so i listened to him. (white, age 28 5'9 wore a beanie )

He said that he was visiting ireland with his GF and their stuff was robbed from the hostel they were in and they were screwed and needed a place to stay until their travel insurance kicked in tomorrow...

He sold the story well, even offered his macbook as a deposit for trust and i even thought of helping with my place to crash but since i was going to longford this weekend I didn't want to leave a stranger in my house with my housemates haha!

So I told him I'd help find them a hostel and food for the night, and I could probably get them a free bed from the hostel i worked at a couple years ago.

I had 60 euro on me which I offered being overly generous, since a situation similar to his happened me on a J1 in SF (my bank card was stolen and no money for a day etc).

However, gapmunky became suspicious when the facebook profile he logged into on her phone (he asked her to friend him so he could return the money) was different to the original name he gave.

After offering to go back to the hostel to meet his girlfriend, he became agitated, returned the money and ran off.

However, he forget to log off his Facebook account and now gapmunky has shared all his details and warned women in Dublin to avoid him.

I got home and decided to look at the facebook that he added me with, except he was still logged in! He forgot to log out, since I didn't give him a chance to. I had access to his whole account. I read his messages, and he has a bunch of messages from other people that helped him on the street, asking where he was, did he need more help, asking for their money back, saying they had his backpack/laptop he gave as a deposit etc.

I messaged all these people and told him it was a scam.

Turns out he stays in hostels, robs people's laptops, backpacks etc, and then uses this story again and again to scam people's good nature.

The post has drawn a huge response from other people who have had similar experiences with some warning that he can get aggressive.








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