Are these the 3 best kids activities in Manchester?

Manchester is a thriving city with plenty of options for families and couples lucky enough to enjoy a city break.

A lot of visitors are also drawn to the city because of the Premier League. If you do arrive with your family for a few days what are the best places to go to before kick-off at Old Trafford or the Emirates?

Below are out Top 3 places you MUST bring your kids when you visit Manchester.

1) Museum of Science and Industry

It does not matter how long you have free in the city, you must visit MOSI, the Museum of Science and Industry.

It is a place that you can easily fill one hour or five hours as there is simply so much to see and do. Science museums are great for kids as they love the hands on interactive elements as well as learning so much about the world past and present. It’s educational and they don’t even know it.

All museums are different but there are enough similarities that your kids will be comfortable here if they have been in, for example, the Science museum in London. However there are also many differences that will make this museum memorable in it’s own right.

And that’s even before we talk about Victorian sewers and the history of the toilet!

A must see.

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2) Legoland Discovery

Depending on the age of your children this place will rate either from 1 to 5.

However, if your kids are between 5 and 9 this place will be a huge hit. It can be a little too unchallenging for kids over 10 (although they will enjoy parts of it they will tell you they didn’t) and those under 5 will just have a blast indoor with Mummy in a room full of Lego that you could be at home in your sitting room!

For those kids in between this is going to be a brilliant day out. There are enough activities that they say it can take 3 hours to do everything. In reality, your kids won’t spend as much time on some things and more on others that the trip could easily stretch beyond that.

The adults may find the place too expensive, loud, chaotic and with poor food options in the canteen that you may even regret going.

But the kids will absolutely love you for it and that makes it all worthwhile.

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3) Sea Life

The aquarium in Manchester only really makes this list as it is next door to Legoland Discovery.

Cleverly, they both offer 2 for 1 ticket combinations that bring down the overall expense. OK, so maybe you are paying more money but you will certainly feel like you are getting good value when you can enter both places for £20.

Also, the kids will be so tired and happy at then end of the day that they will sleep with smiles on their faces. 

The aquarium itself is well stocked and laid out that the kids will have great fun running from tank to tank. They recently showed their new attraction Sea Trek on Strictly Dancing, where visitors can be immersed into one of the main tanks with wetsuit and breathing apparatus attached without any previous diving experience.

Although it is something I would love to try, I don't think younger kids would be able for it. Maybe the grumpy teenager who was dragged around Legoland could be rewarded with a go?

For the rest of us an hour or two here to unwind after Legoland Discovery works a treat (and it is a great excuse to get the kids out of Legoland in the first place!

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