Boo at Ballymaloe

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Ballymaloe More, Co. Cork, Ireland
Oct 25, 2019, 11:00:00 AM - Oct 31, 2019, 6:00:00 PM
Adult - €15.00 Child - €15.00
Suitable for:

Have you the courage, the daring do

To brave the dark lands at Ballymaboo?

Coming this autumn at Halloween

Give it a go, It will be a scream!


Find the prince, the Jester’s distraught

The Prince isn’t doing as he aught

He’s wandered away to a foreign land

That is not what the king had planned


He should take up the crown like many before him

Dress in jewels and silks, let the people adore him

Hike taxes, give orders, stomp and shout

If he cannot be found the line will die out.


The Jester must find him and bring him home.

But he cannot do this all alone

Witch Winnie will help and you can help too

Find Zeezee Bojangles, she’ll know what to do.


Be prepared for strange things and clues to be found

Locked doors must be open, unfamiliar abounds

To find Prince Murragh you must take heed

But same as in life you have all you need

To brave bold Pirates and gain Murragh’s trust

This is important as trust is a must

Use patience and wit , make notes as you roam

To get to the Prince,

Will you send him home?


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