The National Wax Museum Plus to officially re-open in new Dublin venue

The National Wax Museum Plus will officially re-open next week in it's new Dublin City centre venue.

Formerly situated adjacent to the Bank of Ireland at Foster Place, the Wax Museum, a favourite attraction for tourists and residents alike, will be unveiled in its new home at the Lafayette Building, one of Dublin's premier locations. 

The new museum introduces innovative interactive exhibits featuring cutting-edge technologies, enchanting new designs and beloved wax figures

In addition to newly designed scenic installations where hauntingly realistic wax figures trace the history of Ireland from antiquity to the present day, the National Wax Museum Plus presents visitors with a plethora of fun-filled and educational engagements that will fascinate children, teenagers and adults alike.

Exhibits focusing on Ireland's often overlooked, though remarkable, contribution to the domains of science, invention and discovery, together with exciting portrayals of Irish writers, musicians and other celebrities have been enhanced by the addition of state-of-the-art technologies. These include virtual and augmented reality, interactive mobile phone-based applications, three-dimensional scanning and a newly patented LED mapping system which was developed in association with Philips.

Imagine looking through a window in the museum and seeing Viking longships sailing on the River Liffey, or British soldiers crossing the bridge to engage Irish patriots in the GPO. These and other dramatic scenes from Dublin's rich history will come to life in 3D through the use of augmented reality, while wax figures such as Oscar Wilde will recite his witty and infamous quotes through your mobile phone. The use of new technologies integrated with imaginative applications of time-proven exhibition techniques ensures that every visitor will have a unique and personalised experience. 

“The Wax Museum will bring economic benefits and a much-needed vibrancy to the Westmorland and D'Olier Street district. The Lafayette Building is the ideal location and home for the new museum and we expect that it will become a Dublin landmark like Madame Tussauds in London, ”says Managing Director, Mr. Paddy Dunning.

The National Wax Museum Plus will be open seven days a week from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

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