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Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, A98 K376, Ireland
Open 7 days: 10am - 5pm | Last Tour: 4pm | Experience Time: 1 hour | Booking in essential | Closed Christmas DayG IS ESSENTIAL CLOSED:
Adult - €9.00 Child - €5.00 Family - €25.00
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The Cool Planet Experience is an exciting & emotive interactive experience which immerses you in climate action. Through interactivity and gaming, learn how to calculate your carbon footprint, the science behind it all & the smart changes we can make to combat climate change. 

We want to make sustainability so cool it becomes the norm!

Ever wondered what all this talk of Climate Change is really about?

Or how about this crazy weather we’ve been having?

We at the Cool Planet Experience want to bring you on a life changing journey: feel the chill of the melting ice in the Arctic, be overpowered by the harsh temperatures of the Australian droughts and experience the real force of Storm Frank.

We want you to understand exactly what is carbon and those green house gases that are warming the earth.

You can engage with innovative ideas and technologies that actually make sustainable living really appealing, you can control smart city technology and be part of the solution for the city of the future.

Do you actually understand the link between what you eat and what it takes to put it on your plate – how big is that steaks carbon footprint? Take a look at yourself, what impact do you make on the earth?

Calculate and track your own carbon footprint and discover what changes you can make - big and small!

Spread the word, contribute to the conversation - protect your earth!


The Cool Planet Experience is a non-profit, charitable organisation and visitors centre on a mission to educate, engage and inspire people from all walks of life about Climate Change in an interesting and exciting way.

The first of its kind in Ireland, this immersive experience will bring you on an interactive journey where you can learn all about the important challenges facing society today but also engage with the solutions and combat these challenges

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