Wicklow's Historic Gaol

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Kilmantin Hill, Wicklow, Ireland
Open every day: 10.30-16.30
Adult - €7.90 Child - €5.00 Family - €20.00
Suitable for:

Wicklow Gaol is an atmospheric jail museum experience offering visitors a glimpse of life in prisons of the past.

As one of Ireland’s top tourist destinations, Wicklow Gaol tells the story of its prisoners through an interactive tour led by experienced and passionate actor guides.

Epic. Cruel. Tragic. Wicklow Gaol’s story is interwoven with the history of Wicklow and Ireland itself.

Major Events

  • Transportation
  • 1798 Rebellion
  • 1820-1843: Building Expansion
  • 1840s: The Great Famine
  • 19th Century Prison Reform
  • 1916-1923: The Independence Era
  • 1924: The Cheshire Regiment
  • 1928-2014: Closure and Renovation

Daily Life

  • Work and Chores
  • Punishment Regimes
  • Death, Disease and Hygiene
  • Medicine
  • Children
  • Education
  • Prison Graffiti


  • Mary Morris the Matron
  • Erskine Childers at Wicklow Gaol
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