Special Ops Paintball, Carlow

Things to do in County Carlow, Ireland - Special Ops Paintball - YourDaysOut
Unnamed Road, Tinnacarrig, Co. Carlow, Ireland
Mon-Sun: 9am — 9pm
Suitable for:

Paintball offers adrenaline-pumping adventure games in combat-themed game zones. Safety is paramount with modern game & safety equipment, and a thorough briefing provided to players from all walks of life. When your team works together to defend territory, seize objectives, and cover each other, there's no stopping you!

Airsoft offers a little more realism with a little less punch. Realistic airsoft weapons fire small plastic pellets that don't hit quite as hard as paintballs. Players can use their own equipment subject to a safety check by our marshals, and we run weekly walk-on days and special day & night events throughout the year, as well as private parties.

Bushcraft is all about the outdoors and getting back to nature. While it's more likely to chill you out than get your heart racing, it offers unique activities to draw you into the outdoors, and learn how to survive and find comfort there. Light fires or forage for wild foods, throw axes or build a shelter, we can tailor activities to suit your desired pace.

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