Skellig Michael

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Skellig Rock Great, Co. Kerry, Ireland
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Fans of the Star Wars films can visit the spot where Luke Skywalker was found and also learn about the history of one of Ireland’s most important early Christian sites. The Skelligs actually comprises two remote islands; Skellig Michael, known as the Great Skellig and its smaller neighbour, Little Skellig. In 1996 Skellig Michael was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Access to the Skelligs is by ferry from the town of Portmagee. A number of boat tours make the trip from May to September, weather permitting. The trip takes approximately 45 minutes, but spaces are limited to about 180 people a day so make sure to book well in advance. Sometime between the sixth and eight centuries, a monastery was constructed on the broad northeastern summit of Skellig Michael. There are over 600 steps on the climb to the monastery built around 1,500 years ago. During the lifetime of the monastery a hermitage, one of the most daring architectural expressions of early Irish monasticism, was also created on the narrow ledges just below the summit of the South Peak (218 metres above sea level), the highest point on the island. Skellig Michael Landing Boat Trips Please contact boatman...

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