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Courtown Harbour, Courtown, Co Wexford
Every day: 10:00 - 17:00
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Seal Rescue Ireland is a not for profit organisation that works around the clock with a team of hard working resident volunteers to care for mainly Grey and Common Seals from around the coast of Ireland, and any local wildlife in need. We deal on average with around 60 seal pups per year who come in to the sanctuary injured, sick or orphaned. We aim to rehabilitate the pups back to full health and then return them to the wild when they are fit and ready. We also have the only long term facility in the country equipped to rehabilitate Eurasian Otter cubs and work closely with other organisations around Ireland to ensure they receive the specialist care required. We are not government funded, we rely entirely on the public coming in to the sanctuary to fund our work. We are open daily for visitors to see the rehabilitation work first hand and meet the seals in care. One of our volunteer interns provide guided tours of the facility to inform guests about the steps of the rehabilitation process, and the stories about each individual animal in care. Seal Sanctuary Facilities The sanctuary comprises of 12 intensive care kennels and viewing area, a food preparation kitchen and three large nursery pools. Returning Seals to the Wild The sanctuary is at its busiest during the two pupping seasons. Common seals are born during the summer months of June and July and grey seals between October and December. Once the pups have been through the rehabilitation process our aim is to release all our rescued seal pups back into the wild when they are healthy. For this reason we cannot guarantee that there will always be seal pups at the sanctuary. If you are interested in seeing the seal pups in rehabilitation we recommend calling ahead of time to confirm that we have patients in our care. IF YOU ARE OUT ON BEACHES, KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR SEAL PUPS IN DISTRESS. STORMY WEATHER AND ROUGH SEAS, HUMAN ACTIVITY BY MEANS OF BOAT TRAFFIC, AS WELL AS PEOPLE AND DOGS ON BEACHES CAN SOMETIMES FRIGHTEN AWAY NURSING MOTHERS AND INADVERTENTLY LEAD TO PUPS BEING INJURED OR ORPHANED. Remember: Do not put the seal in the water. (Injured, sick & newborn pups are on land for a reason) Do not disturb them – observe from a distance. Do not touch pups (these animals can bite, and human scent may lead to mothers abandoning otherwise healthy pups) Keep dogs and children away. Contact us for advice! If the pup is on its own with no mum in sight; obviously injured; or if unsure...

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