National Leprechaun Hunt

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6 Ghan Rd, Carlingford, Co. Louth, A91 EX41, Ireland
May 12, 2019, 3:00:00 PM - May 12, 2019, 6:00:00 PM
Adult - €6.00 Child - €6.00 Family - €30.00
Suitable for:

“Find the Pot of Gold”  with a Gold Bar valued at €1250

And 999 other prizes.

The Carlingford National Leprechaun Hunt will take place on Sunday 12th May 2019 from 2-5pm with assembly and registration on the Village Green from 12 midday.

In 1989 a leprechaun’s suit and bones with 4 pieces of gold in the suit were found on Foy Mountain above Carlingford Co Louth.

In 2009 the 236 surviving Leprechauns in Ireland were afforded protection under the European Habitats Directive. They live at the Slate Rock below Foy Mountain which is part of the Cooley Mountains in Co Louth.

As a thank you to the people of Carlingford for getting them protected as a species, the little people have left 1000 cauldrons around the streets of Carlingford. There is a prize in each pot to the total value of €4,000.

One pot will include a real bar of gold valued at €1,200.

On the back of your registered hunting licence, you will see a map where the pots are located. 

Check the pot to see what you have won.

The bar of gold will be placed in a pot between 4 pm and 5 pm 

Entry: €6.00 per Adult.     €6.00 per child

Family of 4  €20

Family of 5  €25

Family of 6 €30

An official stamped licence and corresponding stamped hand must be presented to search and to claim any prize.

Leprechaun Garda will be on hand to see that rules are kept.

Proceeds to local charities.

National Leprechaun Hunt
5 years ago

Leprechauns were protected in Ireland since 2009 under the European Habitats directive.There are only 236 left and they reside on the slopes of Foy mountain within the Cooley mountain range.
As a thank you for affording that protection secured by a committee in Carlingford the little people have given us a pot of gold for you to find on the streets of Carlingford on May 12th. There will be 1000 pots to find, all bearing gifts but can you find The Pot of Gold.

National Leprechaun Hunt
5 years ago

We are ready for all eventualities. This was 2013 and our ambulance driver is ready to go.

National Leprechaun Hunt
5 years ago

At 12 midnight on St Patrick's night the phone rang I didn't answer it.It was from the USA.
I phoned the next day and a six year old child answered "Are you a leprechaun" says she."I am" says I.
"I'm Nora" she said and we had along conversation about how I spend my days.."Do you know Conor McGregor "? she asked." I do" says I. "He has a beard just like mine".
No adult said anything on the other side and we finally said our goodbyes
The next day this email arrived.
I would just like to apologize and also say Thank You regarding the midnight phone call you received from my six year old daughter.
She was determined to find a leprechaun to talk to and used SIRI as a source of help which is how she found your number. As a parent you like to see their life full of the joys of childhood and you brought the biggest smile to her face. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends from school that she spoke to a leprechaun and who also that you knew Connor McGregor (he is her favorite and the kids in her class don’t know who he is). I am not sure if your establishment accepts donation, but we would like to send something as a thank you. As I read your site it doesn’t seem like you advertise “call and speak to a live leprechaun” so we are guessing it was a good gesture. Regardless, we can not thank you enough for making my daughter so happy.
Best Wishes

National Leprechaun Hunt
5 years ago

Gold from Foy Mountain Carlingford sent to Switzerland for smelting arrived back today by courier.(Value €1200). This is one of 999 prizes that can be found on the Streets of Carlingford on the day of the Leprechaun Hunt Sunday 12th May 2019. (No mountain climbing this year). Please share.

National Leprechaun Hunt
5 years ago

This family lived in Ukraine and saw the Cavern and Leprechaun Whisperer of Carlingford on Russian TV. They subsequently moved to Israel and came to me to see leprechauns in Carlingford Co Louth Ireland in Dec. They loved what they saw.
For the celebration of Purin in Jerusalem in March this year 2019 children can dress up as they wish.Michael chose to be a leprechaun and here is praying at the Wailing Wall.


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4eprechaun4411 5 / 5
From Ireland, Carlingford

Super day out for all the family.Come early and register. Celebrating 30 years of hunts in Carlingford.

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