Freemasons’ Hall

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17 Molesworth St, Dublin 2, D02 HK50, Ireland
Mon-Fri from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
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Built between 1866 and 1869, Freemasons’ Hall on Dublin’s Molesworth Street has been the headquarters of Irish Freemasonry for almost 150 years. Prior to its existence, the Grand Lodge of Ireland leased a number of premises around Dublin and eventually created Freemasons’ Hall to serve as a permanent home and monument to Irish Freemasonry. The building contains the offices from which the Masonic Fraternity is administered, and also a number of elaborate meeting rooms, each one highly decorative in typical Victorian fashion. Freemasons’ Hall also contains the Grand Lodge Museum, Archive and a Reference Library for research purposes. While the Museum is open to the public at all times, tours of Freemasons’ Hall, or appointments for research can be easily arranged. This Museum gives an outline of the history of the Masonic Fraternity in Ireland, along with information on some famous personalities in Irish masonic history and displays an exceptionally wide variety of artefacts such as items of regalia and historic documents. The Grand Lodge Library and Archive is extensive and anyone is welcome to contact the Grand Lodge Archivist for assistance on any...

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