Great Escape Rooms, Galway

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Apartment 3, Abbeygate Street Upper, Galway, Ireland
Mon-Fri: 13:00-22:00 | Sat & Sun 11:30-22:00
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The Great Escape Room is one of a kind in Galway, ideally located in the heart of the city centre only steps away from Galway’s famous Shop Street, bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. Could you puzzle your way out of a locked room in under an hour with only a couple of good friends to help you? Does your team have what it takes? Many have tried… and many have failed!! The basic premise is simple: you enter the Great Escape Room, for 60 minutes you, and your team will become removed from your current day to day lives and be totally focused on nothing but escape…. Observe your surroundings, solves clues, work as a team and make the connections. Adrenaline kicks in – excitement, tension, focus, laughter and team-work – creating an amazing experience. Uncover the mysteries hidden within the room and earn your reward…the Great Escape. So what are you waiting for? Grab your most trusted companions and sharpen those minds for one hell of an adventure and challenge.

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