Boston Children's Museum

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02210 Fort Point Boston Suffolk County Massachusetts United States
10:00 - 17:00 (21:00 on Friday)
Adult - $16.00 Child - $16.00
Suitable for:

Designed for children and families, the exhibits focus on science, arts, health & fitness, and fun.

The museum has a history of being innovatiive - it had the world's first "hand's on" exhibit and others museums tend to follow their lead.

As such, the kids will have a great time here no matter what the age. The is even a 0-3 only play space so the whole family is catered for.

They really encourage children to be creative and enjoy playing with the exhibits and kids love having the freedom to explore. They will crawl, jump, dance, climb, build, break, learn and have lots and lots of fun.

Target support $1 entry every Friday from 5pm - 9pm. Fantastic value if your kids can stay up that late.

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